About Ruth – Musical Director

About Ruth White (Musical Director)

Ruth was inspired to lead singing groups after attending the Unicorn ‘Voice Camp’ in 2000 (check out the Unicorn Camps website) which left her with “music ringing in my ears from every sound I heard – even the car wheels had become musical -until I joined the traffic on the M25 that is – but it left me changed”

She then went on to take a course in choir leadership, shortly after which she dipped her toe in the water by gathering a few colleagues together with the aim of performing at a charity event. It was a great success and it inspired her further to set further groups in Letchworth, Royston and Bigglewsade.

Ruth says  “I have always loved singing and a song is never far from my lips. I love what I do, and get immeasurable pleasure from witnessing people being uplifted and revived after a singing session. It’s a great way to shed the stresses of the day”

Ruth believes singing is an uplifting experience that can be shared by all, but that’s not all…. there are also new friends to meet.



Ruth White